YumFuell Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Non-Iodised For Weight Loss & Healthy Cooking – 500gm


  • Pink Salt Powder is great for detoxing your body; it helps lower blood pressure and is iron-rich, thus great for everyday consumption. Works great as a bath scrub, due to it’s semi-coarse consistency and grind.
  • Goes exceptionally well when added to Indian and Asian Cuisine, since it perfectly and subtly seasons your food without adding to much salinity to it.

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The unique, rosy hue of Himalayan pink salt will pique anyone’s interest, but less obvious features of this exotic crystal are its incredible health benefits. There are ways to maximize your usage of Himalayan salt for both aesthetic and health purposes and you’re probably eager to find out about them at this point. Contains 84 Beneficial Minerals Some of these beneficial minerals include iron, calcium, iodine and potassium. Table salt contains infused iodine, which is added to the salt after it has been bleached and stripped of all its nutrients. The iodine that is added is synthetic, which often makes the iodine harder to absorb.

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Dimensions 18 × 13 × 5 cm

10 reviews for YumFuell Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Non-Iodised For Weight Loss & Healthy Cooking – 500gm

  1. RAJNI

    Tasty and genuinely packed.timly delivered..thanks

  2. RAJNI

    How can anyone not be in love with this goodness, we all love it! Soooo very much and food tastes better as well, lasts longer


    This is a wonderful product both look wise & taste.
    We also use it by sprinkling it over cut fresh apples. This enhances the taste of Apple.
    I’d recommend it highly.

  4. LM Srivatsa

    The product is nice..leaked a bit in packaging but using it to change my unhealthy lifestyle


    A regular buyer of this item! Though it is said pink salt naturally contains some iodine, it contains less iodine than iodized salt does. Therefore, one may need to look for other sources of iodine if using pink salt instead of iodized table salt

  6. PP Pandey

    No complaints whatsoever on this. Very good product and well packaged. The amount of salinity is good too . May take time for palate adjustments when added to food as compared to normal salt. Definitely the healthier option over all.

  7. Malik sir

    Out of all the pink salt brands I’ve tried, this seems to be the best and the most authentic. Even in the grains, you can see different colors and shades of pinks, unlike some brands which are uniform through and through. After seeing this, I wonder about the others. I use it for my insides and respiratory issues – not for cooking – and it works very well.

  8. Rajendra Kale

    Excellent, genuine pink salt. Nice taste and you only need a very small quantity. This salt gives you all the benefits of “sendha namak” but without a bad smell.

  9. Sushmita Singh

    Really value for money and good for health. Good Packing.


    Like the product. It is slightly more salty than regular table salt, hence little goes a long way.
    Totally worth the cost.

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